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FBV Finley Breva

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FBV Finley Breva


Decora Made to Measure Fabric Box Vertical Blinds


Fabric Box Online Brochure 



The Fabric Box Vertical Blinds are available from a large choice of 89mm wide Fabric Drapes,

The Vertical Blinds can also be ordered with a range of options including Sewn weight pockets which remove the need for the fabric bottom connecting stabilising chain.

Vertical Blinds Fabric Brochure  https://www.thefabricbox.co.uk/vertical/


The Premium TrakOne™ Headrail option can also improve the looks and performance of your New Vertical Blinds. Options for positioning the Controls and Drawing the Fabric are also available including the Mono Wand Control which is a hand Wand fitted into the Headrail which operates the Tilt and Draw Functions, There are no cords or chains with the Mono Wand Option which may be of particular interest for Customers with young Children or Pets.

Please Note :

The Split Draw Option is only available with the Standard Cord Control Headrail.

The Split Draw Option is not available with the TrakOne™ Mono Wand Control Option.

If Wand Control is required please select either L/H or R/H Draw to match your selection of L/H or R/H Wand Control.


TrakOne™ pdf 



Vertical Blind Fitting Instructions pdf


The Fabric Box Vertical Blinds are supplied with White Tracks and fittings with the Tilt Chain in Nickel Metal as Standard.

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