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Luna Barley Softshade

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Luna Barley Softshade


                 Softshade Day and Night Duo Vision Roller Blinds 



Softshade Cassette Headrails are available in White , Black or Anthracite Aluminium painted finishes with options for 40mm Semi or 70mm Full Cassettes, Matching Fabric Inserts, Manual Chain Controls, Battery Powered Motorised Remote Controls and a large choice of Quality Day and Night Fabric textures and designs  



Softshade Duo Day and Night Roller Blinds Sizes 


Finish Exact Blind Sizes - Blinds will be supplied at your ordered Sizes

Width Sizes from 300mm - 2500mm 

Height Drop Sizes from 500mm  - 2500mm





Luna Pure, Luna Barley, Luna Slate, Luna Jet


Rift Camel, Rift Dream, Rift Hint, Rift Hissian, Rift Coffee, Rift Fossil,


Nobis Glimpse, Nobis Mute, Nobis Sabo, Nobis Chiffon, Nobis Raven, Nobis Mode, Nobis Boutique, Nobis Obsession,


Rosso Nori, Rosso Rock, Rosso Touch, Rosso Truth, 


Mero Lustre, Mero Sterling, Mero Musk, Mero Flint, Mero Mocca, Mero Lesso,


Hoxton Breathe, Hoxton Roast, Hoxton Monument, Hoxton Earth, 


Kanza Seek, Kanza Calm, Kanza Haze, Kanza Novo,


Tela Espri , Tela Mist, Tela Silk,



Decora Softshade Day and Night Duo Roller Blinds | Softshade Luna Roller Blinds| Softshade Hoxton  Roller Blinds | Softshade Rift Roller Blinds | Softshade Nobis Roller Blinds| Softshade Rosso Roller Blinds | Softshade Mero Roller Blinds | Softshade Kanza Roller Blinds | Softshade Tela Roller Blinds |


Decora Softshade Luna Barley Duo Prime Day and Night Roller Blinds 

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